36" x 19"- Heat activated adhesive for adhering patches to materials

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Pieces are individually cut approximately 2" x 3" 

Product thickness: 7mil

To bond HeatSEAL to back of emblem/patch material:
330-350 degrees / 40-50 psi / 10 seconds press time / flip and press again

To bond patch to garment:
330-350 degrees / 60-80 psi / 10-15 seconds press time on the front-side / flip and press from the back-side 20-25 seconds

Extra information 

- The HeatSEAL glue product has two somewhat discernible sides, but there is no difference from one side to the other. This is simply a flat sheet of heat-activated glue. 
- Please do not use on Leather. There are natural 'oils' in leather than will loosen the HeatSEAL material, resulting in a failure to bond. 
- You can use a clothing hand-iron if you need to. Set the iron to the setting just above 'Wool'.